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"Mai Bal Bhavan"

Mai Bal Bhavan is a NGO, which aims to give wings to ambition and shape to life. This NGO is dedicated to human cause of extending helping hand in the way of Health, Education, and Financial support to physically challenged, orphans and underprivileged people. This organization is committed to giving visually impaired orphan children’s lives a sense of purpose. Before we started working with above all we conducted an extensive survey in both rural as well as urban areas. Disabled people often find it difficult to get a job. We realized that the help extended by the family, society and the government is utterly inadequate. What is even more appalling is that even if we call ourselves a progressive nation, the Indian society is ridden with numerous kinds of superstitions. In Maharashtra, there are several regions like Marathwada, Vidarbha, Satara, and Sangli, which are caught in the web of superstition. Most people in society do not take any efforts whatsoever to help visually impaired people live their lives independently; on the other hand, they believe that they are a link between God and man. Thus, they find it very difficult to lead a self-sufficient life. Those who try to do so often have to take the help of various charitable institutions to meet their monthly expenses, as they do not have any gainful employment. The society in general hesitates to engage their services. Even if they possess the determination and mettle to start their own business, they cannot get loans from banks for this purpose. Again, they have to depend on the assistance of people around them. We, at Mai Balbhavan examined all these factors meticulously and even attended workshops arranged by various organizations working in this field. After this detailed analysis, we realized that the brief training that they received did not make any difference at all to the way they lead their lives. With this in mind, ‘Mai Bal bhavan’ started working with disable people over the age of 18 years not only disable orphans and underprivileged people to face many problems so we also work with them in three core of areas: Health Education and Rehabilitation.

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