Even without sight there is still vision.

Braille training

Braille is a language that is used to represent letters, numbers,punctuation marks and even entire words. The pattern of raised bumps or dots called Braille can be read with the fingers by those who are visually impaired or blind. Those who are not visually impaired such as school teachers, parents, and counselors may read Braille with their eyes. Visually Impaired students who don’t know braille we teach them braille in 2 grades they are as follows. In Grade 1 We make them understand that in Braille, every letter of each word is expressed using dots within system cells. In Grade 2, students are taught fewer cell spaces are used to create words. In Grade 2 Braille we teach them there are 189 letter contractions and 76 short form words. Using short cuts like this reduces the amount of paper needed for creating books in Braille. Short cuts also make the reading process simpler and less confusing. Lastly we conduct exams for our student Duration of course is 6 months which is totally dependent on Student grasping power.


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