“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
     – Nelson Mandela.


Education plays a significant role to design your future as a successful person in life and as a useful citizen in the society. Education reduces the challenges of life that one might face.

When you have more knowledge and degree, there will be more opportunities for you to accelerate your professional growth in life. As we all know Education is becoming very important for career building in this era. We explain this fact to our student and help them to get educated and we also help student to complete their education who had gap in their education. We pay each and every expense of their studies such as we get their books recorded in audio form as there are no books available of braille in the market. We also provide blind students iPods, memory cards, earphones and pen drives so they can listen and study by using it and also tutors are arranged for the students who are weak in studies for sighted students in our center we provide E- Learning.

As we all know how important English is so we provide spoken English classes to our students our volunteers also helps out students to learn and write English, besides studies we help students to achieve their goals in which ever field they choose and give them job opportunities to enhance their future in bank jobs or MPSC UPSC we help them to create a base for them so that they never have to rely on someone else.


support us and change the course of a child’s life today!