The Greatest wealth is Health


People with disabilities need health care and health programs for the same reasons anyone else does—to stay well, active, and a part of the community.

Having a disability does not mean a person is not healthy or that he or she cannot be healthy. Being healthy means the same thing for all of us—getting and staying well so we can lead full, active lives. That means having the tools and information to make healthy choices and knowing how to prevent illness.

For people with disabilities, it also means knowing that health problems related to a disability can be treated. These problems, also called secondary conditions, can include pain, depression, and a greater risk for certain illnesses.

To be healthy, people with disabilities require health care that meets their needs as a whole person, not just as a person with a disability. Most people with or without disabilities can stay healthy by learning about and living healthy lifestyles. Although people with disabilities sometimes have a harder time getting and staying healthy than people without disabilities, there are things we do for our student to stay healthy.

  • Being physically active every day. For that we have daily yoga and
    football cricket sports training two days a week.
  •  We provide proper nutritious diet for students according to age group.
    And protein based nutritious diet to sport students.
  •  It’s very important for students with disability or HIV positive to get
    regular checkups as a group they have poorer health than the general
  • We also have counseling sessions for students who are alcohol addict
    or substance addict .to get them out of this addiction


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