Mai Bal Bhavan is proud to host the National Training Camp and Tournament for the Blind Girls under IBFF (Indian Blind football Federation).

The training will be held from 26th to 28th Dec and the matches will be played on 29th Dec.

Mai Bal Bhavan will be a part of the team representing Maharashtra. There will be other teams from different states including Gujrat, Karnataka, West Bengal, etc.
This is the first time that matches for the blind at National level are being held in Maharashtra!

The purpose of this training and tournament is to promote football among blind and help these girls make a place for themselves.
Our MBB girls were national champions in 2019 and runners up in 2020!

Mai Bal Bhavan is committed to provide free of cost professional training to all these girls.

We invite and urge everyone to come and be a part of this exciting event and encourage our girls!